SCL Masterclass Series for Startups

SCL Masterclass Series for Startups is a series of lessons aimed at startups and early entrepreneurs who wish to strenghten various aspect of their business.

Specific tools and networking
The purpose of the SCL Masterclass Series for Startups is to give the participants specific tools, which they can apply in developing their business. Each lesson starts with a presentation by an expert in which he or she shares specific experiences and tools. The format of the class is based on dialogue and active participation, and the participants will be able to get feedback on specific challenges. During the lessons, the participants will engage in smaller exercises that will be discussed in plenum. Each lesson lasts approximately one hour.

After each lesson there will be time for networking with our experts, the other participants, and the organizers. This part is optional, but we experience that the networking gives value to the participants.

The lessons are independent of each other. This means that participants can choose to participate in exactly the lessons of their interests.

Target group
SCL Masterclass Series for Startups is primarily targeted start-ups and early entrepreneurs, but all companies are welcome. Our participants consist of a broad spectrum of businesses – from new start-ups and entrepreneurs who are in the early phase of introducing a product og a service to the market, to experienced entrepreneurs and professionals from established companies. The mixture of experiences and backgrounds lay the foundation for rich dialogue and sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Our experts
We draw on experienced experts from a range of fields such as business development, communication, branding, marketing, law, HR, sales, investment, SEO, networking, etc. The experts themselves have experience as start-ups as well as working with start-ups.

About the organizers
SCL Masterclass Series for Startups is organized by Science City Lyngby in collaboration with RetailTech Lab. The content of the masterclass based on a dialogue with startups from the Incubator at Cphbusiness Lyngby. In this way we ensure that the lessons are relevant and meet a need among the participating start-ups.