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A vibrant university city

Science City Lyngby was established in 2012 by eight founding members. Today it enjoys widespread support with over 80 members who are active in developing the area. Our members include private businesses of all sizes, research and educational institutions, the municipality, housing organisations, the business community and cultural institutions.

Our vision is to make Lyngby-Taarbæk one of Europe’s leading knowledge and university cities with the best conditions for education, research, business and start-ups.

Since it started, Science City Lyngby has used focused and ambitious partnerships to create the foundation for a business and growth centre that is closely linked to the university, with DTU – the Technical University of Denmark – and the big knowledge businesses as important partners. The university area and the centre of Lyngby have been developed with new businesses, housing and educational institutions. At the same time, Science City Lyngby has a strong focus on urban life, start-up businesses, internationalisation, mobility and sustainable solutions.

Professional networks are at the heart of the Science City Lyngby partnerships and these have been formed across the business community, educational institutions and the municipality. New ways of collaboration and new projects are being developed in these networks, which have created visible and significant results for companies, employees, citizens, students, shoppers and others who go about daily life in the city.

Our vision for Science City Lyngby

In 2025 Science City Lyngby is a cohesive city buzzing with innovation, entrepreneurship, business and life. The experience will start the moment you arrive – whether by train, light railway, on a bike or by car from one of the motorway exits.

Science City Lyngby has developed an innovation district where new and established businesses work together on world-class new technologies and solutions. Science City Lyngby is characterised by being the place where new partnerships and collaboration start and where new ideas are formed.

Alongside the business and start-up environment, the city’s trading community has been revitalized and is dynamically moving towards retail characterised by e-business, the experience economy and new inviting ways of bringing together citizens, employees and students. There are cultural activities and open network events run by businesses and educational institutions in Science City Lyngby, where entrepreneurs develop technology of the future. There are cafes and restaurants where citizens, shoppers, students and entrepreneurs can meet, network and work.

Science City Lyngby is renowned as a test lab for sustainable mobility where it’s easy and seamless to get from A to B. This is the place to find intelligent solutions of the future that guide you to shops, cultural experiences, your place of study or your workplace.

Science City Lyngby is home to many people. Regardless of age, nationality or income, there is housing for everyone. Many international citizens have made their home and thrive here in Lyngby and the new arrivals moving here contribute to the development of the city and add a high degree of diversity to the activities that take place.

Science City Lyngby works with the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for our activities. We are particularly focused on sustainability, education, knowledge sharing, innovation and quality of life for everyone.

The world sees Science City Lyngby as a successful model for urban and business development and it is easier than ever before to attract and retain companies, talented people and working partners.

We want to be:

  • One of Europe’s leading knowledge and university cities with a world-class level of research and education
  • A centre for innovation and development of knowledge-intensive business clusters
  • An attractive hub for national and international talented individuals characterised by a high quality of life
  • A living laboratory for sustainable urban and business development

We want to find solutions to the challenges of the future locally and be a Danish beacon for open innovation on the world stage.

Thanks to Science City Lyngby, Lyngby has become one of the country’s most attractive cities in which to invest.

Peter Mering, Senior Real Estate Advisor – Danica Ejendomme

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