RetailTech Lab – The Future of Retail

Entrepreneurs and the retail industry are preparing for the future in new Living Lab created by Science City Lyngby.

RetailTech Lab is open again for the public.
Come by Lyngby Storcenter and meet all out new start-ups. Lab Director Kim Hein is happy to talk about alle the new and exiting technologies in the lab.

You can see technologies from:
Zoles, CM-Robotics, Justface Retail, Yodaway, Globeteam, Ka-ching, On The Spot and Appstract.

Citizens’ panel – help test the technology of the future
RetailTech Lab is looking for a small group of curious and technology-interested citizens who will spend half to a full hour monthly participating in a user test in the RetailTech Lab. We test new technology that will improve the shopping experience for customers and technology that can improve store operations. Some technologies will particularly affect the customer experience and here it is crucial that we have inquisitive customers who will help us test these solutions.

If you find this interesting, please sign up here. We will then select a representative group of citizens for the panel. The selected citizens will be invited to an information meeting in the lab.

We follow all restrictions from the Health Authorities and will be max. 10 people in the lab at any given time, we use masks and sanitizer so that you can participate in a safe environment.

Smart security tags, heat maps and facial-recognition payment
Smart security tags, geodata, artificial intelligence, and new payment and delivery solutions. These are just some of the technological solutions that RetailTech Lab are currently testing in Denmark’s first living lab for technological solutions for the retail industry.

The core of the concept is to strengthen the collaboration between entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for the retail industry and retailers that seek to optimize their physical shopping experience. The goal is to increase the use of new technology in the industry and at the same time help Danish entrepreneurs succeed.

About RetailTech Lab
RetailTech Lab is a test centre for technological solutions for the retail industry. It is a meeting place for entrepreneurs, retailers, students, and not least for consumers. RetailTech Lab is made possible by Science City Lyngby’s more than 80 member companies and institutions, DTU, and Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality. The project is funded by The Danish Executive Board for Business Development and Growth.

“The overall goal of RetailTech Lab is to provide entrepreneurs and researchers with the best possible settings for them to test and develop technologies for the retail industry, so that the Danish retail industry can join the digitization wave, and help define the retail of the future. It is a win-win for all parties”,

says CEO of Science City Lyngby, Marianna Lubanski.

Project Partners: