RetailTech Lab – The Future of Retail

Entrepreneurs and the retail industry are preparing for the future in new Living Lab created by Science City Lyngby. RetailTech Lab is a test center for technological solutions for the retail industry. It is a meeting place for entrepreneurs, retailers, students, and not least for consumers.

About RetailTech Lab

RetailTech Lab is a two-year development project established by Science City Lyngby and supported by the Danish Board of Business Development.

Danish retail is lagging behind in digitalization. At the same time, entrepreneurs with a good idea for the industry lack a test platform that is supported by researchers, educational and knowledge institutions. RetailTech Lab is a national test lab established in the spring of 2020 in Lyngby Storcenter in central Lyngby. It is a collaboration with strong local and national partners, where the goal is to increase the use of new technology in the industry and at the same time help Danish entrepreneurs on their way. Entrepreneurs with a good idea for the industry from intelligent alarms to virtual rehearsal rooms or new payment and delivery solutions now have a living laboratory to test in.

The vision for RetailTech Lab in Lyngby is that it should be a national sandbox and a showcase where citizens and visitors are involved in testing in close collaboration with researchers, students, retailers and entrepreneurs both locally and nationally.

RetailTech Lab is made possible by Science City Lyngby’s more than 80 member companies and institutions, DTU, and Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality. The project is funded by the Danish Board of Business Development

Start-ups in the lab

Zoles is a Danish company, dedicated to providing an experience of increased comfort and performance when we walk and run. Their insoles are 3D designed and produced based on the individual customer’s goals and needs as well as the type of shoes they are to be worn in.

Coalescent Mobile Robotics (CM-Robotics) is an Odense-based, robotics startup initiated in 2018 by a group of engineers who knew from years of experience, the potential that mobile robots have in helping create economic growth and increasing working standards for people, across industries and all over the world.

Justface Retail is a Danish AI company that offers accurate insight into consumer behavior when they shop in your physical store.

Yodaway works with data collection in the physical world. They have 2 different products: Denmark’s first social service robot and measurement of unique visitors in physical stores. They combine people and technology to enhance customer experiences and sales, based on data.

Globeteam helps to solve complex projects across the customer’s business and IT, as well as to implement specialized technical solutions that support the business, improve the customer experience and increase the company’s / retailer’s earnings.

Ka-ching is a cloud-based omnichannel mobile POS solution that enables clerks to sell from across the product catalog. No customers who want to buy leave the store empty-handed.

Smart security tags, heat maps and facial-recognition payment

Smart security tags, geodata, artificial intelligence, and new payment and delivery solutions. These are just some of the technological solutions that RetailTech Lab are currently testing in Denmark’s first living lab for technological solutions for the retail industry.

The core of the concept is to strengthen the collaboration between entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for the retail industry and retailers that seek to optimize their physical shopping experience. The goal is to increase the use of new technology in the industry and at the same time help Danish entrepreneurs succeed.

“The overall goal of RetailTech Lab is to provide entrepreneurs and researchers with the best possible settings for them to test and develop technologies for the retail industry, so that the Danish retail industry can join the digitization wave, and help define the retail of the future. It is a win-win for all parties”,

says CEO of Science City Lyngby, Marianna Lubanski.

Project Partners