How to Create a High Performance Team

Having the right team is of utmost importance for succeeding as a start-up. In this edition of the SCL Masterclass Series for Start-ups, business angel Lars Arne Christensen will share his insights and tools on how to create a high performance team.

Building a succesful team is about more than finding a group of people with the right mix of professional skills. Besides professional skills, you also need to make sure the team works well together and remains focused on the right priorities. Finding talents, partners and other qualifications that complement and add value to your business require many considerations. How do you create a high performace team that is durable? What is important when developing a team’s culture? How do you assess team members and potential partners and investors?

In this masterclass, business angel Lars Arne Christensen will share his experience on how to create a high performance team. You will be introduced to a range of considerations, advices and tools that will make you better equipped for making the right decisions when creating a high performance team.

Lars Arne has great experience as both founder and investor in tech start-ups, particularly within FinTech and PropTech. As a former five time Gazelle winner, Lars Arne knows how to build and growth companies. For more information about Lars Arne visit Lars Arne Christensen Holding Aps or his LinkedIn profile.

The masterclass will be held online in English on the 26th of May between 15:00-16:15 PM.

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About the SCL Masterclass Series for Start-ups
The SCL Masterclass Series for Start-ups is organised by Science City Lyngby in collaboration with RetailTech Lab. The series are aimed at start-ups and early entrepreneurs who would like to strengthen various aspects of their company. Other companies are welcome as well. We draw on highly experienced experts from a wide range of fields.