Speed-dating in the name of science

Local private companies inspire pupils to choose natural sciences

Haldor Topsøe was buzzing with life on March 9th, when the Science Festival workshop took place. The workshop formed the basis for the collaboration between schools and private companies in relation to this year’s Science Festival in week 39. At the workshop ten companies and ten schools developed a number of new and exciting suggestions for activities within natural sciences such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, biotechnology and IT.

The workshop itself was organised as a speed dating-session in order to create opportunities for networking and exchange ideas for activities to stimulate the interest for natural sciences among children and young adults. The private companies offered everyday challenges rooted in natural science, whereas the schools assisted the companies with identifying specific cases that the pupils can work on at a suitable academic level.

Additionally, the workshop also served as an example that it is not only the engineering businesses, which can pose a relevant challenge within natural science. According to Magasin, the department store also experiences many relevant challenges such as energy consumption, waste management and recycling of packaging. Similarly, Lyngby Boldklub (the local football club) also had several ideas for activities within e.g. nourishment, physical training and sleep. The other participating companies included Novozymes, Microsoft, Emcon, Lyngby Boligselskab (housing association), Aquaporin, Geo, Danske Bank and Haldor Topsøe. Among the schools there were 6 public schools and 4 high schools.

Science Festival in Lyngby originates from the Network for School and Education and is a great opportunity for local companies to inspire the employees of tomorrow to choose a career within natural sciences and technology.