In Science City Lyngby we develop projects across industries, fields and organisations within different focus areas

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Focus Areas as a model for growth in a triple-helix partnership 

In Science City Lyngby we work together to improve our ecosystem through focused collaboration.

Our focus areas mobilizes local resources and develop concrete and visible results as part of our 2025 strategy.

Each focus area will each year gather a group of member organizations defining which projects or initiatives they wish to promote or develop for a further improvement of our ecosystem.

Projects typically offer a joint solution which no one can offer alone. Participants in our different activities share knowledge, develop and test new ideas and drive a change in our local area for the mutual good.

To ensure that our activities are relevant within each focus area, our board has appointed an advisory board to mentor the secretariat.

Participating in a project is based on a volunteer commitment and all employees from our member organizations can take part. Please contact the secretariat if you have a certain interest in one or more of our focus areas, which you would like to contribute to.


Triple Helix

Triple helix

The partnership of Science City Lyngby is based on the Triple Helix-model, which uses collaboration between research and educational institutions, businesses and public authorities as the path to innovation. Cross-sector partnerships presents an overview of players, resources and opportunities in the market. This creates common perspectives for concentrated efforts in the form of cluster partnerships.

We see a great value in Science City Lyngby, and in particular the targeted partnerships between public authorities, business life and educational institutions that create the framework for a leading university town which can compete for talent and investment.

Charlotte Mark, Managing Director – Microsoft Development Center