The City of Knowledge changes its name

The City of Knowledge has changed its name and is now called Science City Lyngby. With the name change follows a sharper focus on Science City Lyngby’s strategic goal of developing an innovation district.

“By redefining who we are, what we want and where we are going, we are creating a platform that will hopefully help us strengthen the brand Science City Lyngby,” says Marianna Lubanski, and continues: “Globally, the concept of a Science City is widespread. Therefore, the name change enrolls us into an internationally recognizable context as well as to the global audiences we want to reach. “

The new name enters Science City Lyngby into a unified crowd of private-public collaborations in Denmark, which include Copenhagen Science City, Ørestad Innovation City, Frederiksberg Science City – and now Science City Lyngby. At the same time, the new name Science City Lyngby also enters us into a global network of science cities from Stockholm Science City, Oslo Science City, etc.

About Science City Lyngby
Global challenges related to climate, health, sustainability and mobility, require continuous innovation and new solutions. Our ambition is to create a world-class eco-system of educational institutions, companies, talent and entrepreneurs at all levels.

Welcome to Science City Lyngby – one of Europe’s leading Science Cities. Within one mile, you find the highest number of tech start-ups and one of the best educated cities in Denmark, some of the largest tech companies, a vibrant downtown, and an abundance of tech talent from all over the world working closely together to develop knowledge, talent, technology and solutions for a sustainable future.