Tech Ambassador Casper Klynge debated tech giants

The Danish Tech Ambassador, Casper Klynge, who lives in Silicon Valley, visited The City of Knowledge on October 30.

Aquaporin’s beautiful premises formed the basis of a debate that revolved around how we can protect democratic, consumer and human rights in a development where tech giants are gaining ever-greater power.

Several members of The City of Knowledge and two local high school classes had come to hear to about the Tech Ambassador’s work with major tech companies in Silicon Valley, and Casper Klynge was especially excited to meet the interested young students. He believes that the dialogue with the students and across the digital divide, which in a Danish context is mainly about differences in citizens’ digital competences, is important.

Casper Klynge emphasized that we live in a world where the work of large organisations has great impact on countries such as Denmark. He believes that we as individuals, countries, regions, media, etc. should be critical of this development.

He also pointed out that the above is why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and his position is so significant. There is a need for agencies that can positively influence the development of the balance of power to prevent Silicon Valley from contributing to the totalitarian approach practiced by some of the tech giants. This requires external pressure from governments and authorities, which is an important step towards getting major tech companies to take more responsibility for their use of data.

Casper Klynge in conversation with Jan Madsen, Professor at DTU Compute.
Students from UNord had many questions for Casper Klynge following the debate.