Our Strategy 2020-2025 has arrived

The City of Knowledge has got a new strategy

The 2020-2025 strategy will ensure that we continue to work towards making Lyngby one of Europe’s leading knowledge and university cities with the best conditions for education, research, business and start-ups.

Strategy focus points
Over the next five years, the members of the City of Knowledge will work on the following four focus areas:

  1. We want to build a world-class innovation district based on the strong clusters in the City of Knowledge.
  2. We want to test and implement sustainable mobility solutions with a view to ensuring accessibility for the benefit of the companies and citizens in the City of Knowledge.
  3. We want to ensure that the City of Knowledge is an attractive location for national and international businesses and knowledge workers.
  4. We want to develop and consolidate cohesion in the City of Knowledge.

Read more about the four focus areas of the strategy or download it here.

Members of The City of Knowledge are of course welcome to stop by our office at Futurebox and get a printed copy.

‘Lyngby and with it the City of Knowledge is a strategic focus area for Cphbusiness in which we want to pursue a new approach to the interaction between educational institutions, new knowledge, entrepreneurial settings and the well-established part of the local business community.’
– Ole Gram-Olesen, Principal, Cphbusiness

‘The new strategy 2020-2025 calls for a continued readjustment for all players in the municipality. The municipality of Lyngby-Taarbæk will have special focus on contributing to, maintaining and developing the municipality as a sustainable and competitive metropolis and university town where both national, regional and not least municipal agendas are involved.’
  – Bjarne Holm Markussen, CEO, Municipality of Lyngby-Taarbæk

‘The City of Knowledge is a powerful partner for us and central to our strategy of having the city of Lyngby supporting us. The City of Knowledge is a place where we can meet local capacities and the collaboration is both strong and a matter of course for us.’
– Andreas Byder, CEO, Lyngby Boldklub

‘As Talent & Mind works with development of talent and potential in organizations, we – being part of the City of Knowledge – get the opportunity to both gain and provide input to the talent development and retention of knowledgeable employees in Lyngby-Taarbæk’
– Dorte Vølund Philipson, CEO, Talent & Mind