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Smart City and BIG DATA has become a major topic in Denmark. More and more urban operational tasks are linked to real data, which can be used for the development and optimization of new technology and ultimately contribute to a more cohesive city. To achieve success with Smart City technologies it is, among other things, necessary to provide an overview of data and coordinate efforts among the city’s actors. The City of Knowledge is therefore launching ‘Smart City Hub’ – a common platform for the development of Smart City projects.

‘Smart City Hub’ is a physical place that creates cooperation, meetings and solutions across students, businesses, researchers and Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality all working with data and hardware on a technical and/or at business level.


The purpose of the Hub is to support networking among the participants in order to collaborate on specific cases and issues related to sustainable urban development – cases and issues that can be further developed into  new ideas and innovative projects in Lyngby Taarbæk and other cities.

In the hub, it is possible to meet like-minded people with different backgrounds, and work, test and match each other on development needs, tools and competencies on Smart City technology. The mantra behind the hub is that everyone contributes with something – with data, ideas, skills, resources or tools. The hub will be facilitated by experts and a relevant Smart City-theme such as supply, buildings, planning or mobility will be discussed as a theme at the hub.

Themes and concepts

Theme, pitcher and participants have been different from time to time, and this has helped the hub to remain dynamic and shaped by its participants. Since 2017 thirteen Smart City Hubs have been held and new ideas and concepts have been developed. Read more about the concepts from the lastest Hubs.

‘Smart Vidensby’ and ‘Smart City Hub’ arises from the City of Knowledge Network for Climate and Green Technology.

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Project Partners

NIRAS | LTK | DTU | DTU Smart Campus | DTU Bibliotek | Lighting Metropolis | Smart City Cybersecurity Lab

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