Smart City Hub: Ideas and solutions

The hub creates collaborations across participants

Since February 2017, thirteen Smart City Hubs have been held and not two hubs have been the same. Theme, pitcher and participants have been different from time to time, and this has helped the hub to remain dynamic and shaped by its participants. Due to the hub, several new collaborations have emerged across participants, new concepts and projects have been established, and several participants have expressed great enthusiasm for the concept. Ideas and solutions generated at the last five hubs are available via link under each theme.

Smart City Hubs in 2019:
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Smart City Hubs in 2018:

Smart City Hubs in 2017:

  • February 9 – Pitch by Niras – Theme: ‘Leak detection by the use of data’
  • February 23 – Pitch by Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality, IoT Denmark and Sunmapper – Theme: ‘Internet of Things’
  • March 9 – Pitch by DTU CAS, DTU Smart Campus and Aqubiq – Theme: ‘Smart Campus’
  • April 6 – Pitch by North Q – Theme: ‘Smart Home – save energy through simple monitoring’
  • May 4 – Pitch by Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality – Theme: ‘Optimization of the road network with smart traffic signals’
  • June 15 – Pitch by DTU Ballerup – Theme: ‘Future robots and robotics
  • October 25 – Pitch by Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality and DTU – Theme: ‘Use of building data for energy optimization’
  • November 22 – Pitch by DTU Library, LED iBond and Siemens – Theme: ‘Smart Library, IoT and Digital Service’

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‘Smart Vidensby’ and ‘Smart City Hub’ arises from the City of Knowledge Network for Climate and Green Technology.
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Project Partners

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