Lyngby as a vibrant international city

Attracting and retaining international talent

Science City Lyngby is working to integrate education, research, business, housing, urban and commercial life in new and exciting ways to realize the vision of creating a vibrant university town for locals and new international citizens and guests.

Together with different project partners and stakeholders, the city has diverse initiatives to offer internationals. This page is an attempt to create an overview of news, offers and relevant information targeted international citizens, students and employees.

New Greater Copenhagen initiative
Lack of labor and the number of unsuccessful recruitments is increasing these years and is a barrier to growth. Denmark is in fierce competition with other countries about competent hands and clever heads. This is the background for a new lighthouse project that will strengthen the companies’ attraction and retaining of international talents in Greater Copenhagen. The Regional Council of the Capital Region has granted DKK 14.4 million. DKK for the project in the period (2018-2020). International House Copenhagen and Copenhagen Capacity are lead partners. They have many years of experience working with international talent and companies that demand international labor. Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality and Lyngby-Taarbæk Vidensby are local partners.

The project offers four types of services:
1– Digital campaigns and events: Attracting foreign employees through digital recruitment efforts and career events abroad
2 – Regionalisation of “New in DK” service: Expand and strengthen existing New in Denmark services to municipalities in Greater Copenhagen
3 – Better access to housing in the region: Housing events for international citizens seeking housing and / or inspiration for culture and leisure activities
4 – Maintaining international students through career and job matching events.
Read more about the lighthouse project.

Welcoming new students
The students are a great asset to the city, which is why Science City Lyngby has taken the initiative to celebrate the beginning of the academic year each September.
Read more about student life and welcoming new students to Lyngby.

Helping partners and spouses of international professionals
Science City Lyngby has introduced a ‘career mentoring programme’ designed for job-seeking partners and spouses of international professionals and researchers currently working or living in Lyngby-Taarbæk. The objective is to attract international professionals and specialists by helping to improve conditions for them and their families.
Read more about our mentoring programme and similar initiatives from project partners.

Attracting knowledge-intensive businesses
Urban development in Lyngby aims to build bridges between sectors, business and educational institutions in order to make Lyngby-Taarbæk one of Europe’s leading university towns and one of the most attractive development areas in the Capital Region.
Read more about attracting new companies and creating a vibrant urban environment.

Creating a living university town
Cultural events and experiences in Lyngby play an important role in the vision of creating a vibrant university town.  Different stakeholders take part in creating activities targeting different groups as students, companies, citizens, visitors etc.
See our event page or Visit Lyngbys website for more info on events.