Office News

New people and new projects

The City of Knowledge secretariat is back from holiday. We have moved into a new office on the second floor of Futurebox and have welcomed Pil Beider Kleinschmidt and Daniel Rye Sørensen as project coordinator and intern respectively.

Pil is a trained ethnologist and cultural analytic. She has previously worked within strategic urban planning at the urban design firm Schulze+Grassov, who was part of the team behind the new DTU Campus Plan. Pil is going to contribute to the rollout and communication of our new strategy.

Daniel Rye Sørensen is our new intern. He is a BA-student of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Cphbusiness. In the next three months he is going to study which factors students deem highest when using the city in their leisure time.

We look forward to an eventful fall with new initiatives and projects.