Smart City Hub #2

Design the Recycling Station of the future

On May 6, you have the opportunity to participate in Smart City Hub # 2, where innovative Smart City ideas are generated and new contacts are created across students, companies, researchers and municipalities.

Smart City Hub # 2 takes place on:
May 6 from 5 pm 13-16 at DTU Skylab
Participation is free and everyone can participate
(sign up via the form below)

Design the Recycling Station of the future
This time the participants will get the opportunity to develop ideas and concepts related to the recycling station of the future and work with questions related to:

  • Upcycling and circular economy: How can we recycle ‘the good waste’?
  • Technologies and sorting: How do we sort waste better? And how can we optimize work processes? Which technologies support the processes?

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Get new inspiration and be introduced to concept developing tools
In the Hub, you will get insight into the work of a company and / or a municipality. Maybe you are a student who needs inspiration for a new study project? Or maybe your company needs new inspiration or closer contacts to students and the municipality? Or do you already have an idea you want to develop on?

Join the Hub and get new knowledge and inputs from a relevant presentation and be guided through a creative process by facilitator Finn Kollerup.

Network between students, companies and municipality
‘Smart City Hub’ is a physical place that creates cooperation, meetings and solutions across students, businesses, researchers and municipalities all working with urban planning, data and soft- & hardware on a technical and/or at business level. In each hub, a relevant Smart City theme is being worked on, such as supply, buildings, planning and mobility, which will be presented by a company or organization.

Smart City Hub #2 takes place on monday May 6 from 13.00-16.00 in DTU Skylab and will be held in english

Join the Hub and sign up via the form below.