The City of Knowledge is publishing a guide to a mentoring programme

Do you need to retain your international specialists?

The Lyngby-Taarbæk City of Knowledge is also dedicated to attracting and retaining international knowledge-workers, researchers and students via mentoring programmes, among other initiatives. In collaborartion with the Industry Foundation, the Vidensby Career Mentoring Programme has developed an effective model to retain international knowledge-workers in Denmark by employing volunteer mentors to help accompanying spouses with their career.

Experiences from the mentoring programme are now gathered in a 10-step mentorguide and published in English. The guide has been developed to share knowledge and inspire other cities and organisations to establish a mentoring programme of their own. Download the guide here

Step-by-step the guide explains how to establish a succesfuld mentoring programme from the initial considerations about the content, recruiting mentors and mentees to the matching of expectations and evaluation. Furthermore the guide provides tips and examples from the Vidensby Career Mentoring Programme, just as practioners will have full access to a number of useful tools.

All material has been developed through the Vidensby Career Mentoring Programme and is freely available to anyone wishing to strengthen their efforts in attracting and retaining international specialists in Denmark.

The project is anchored in the City of Knowledge Network for Internationalisation and supported by the Industry Foundation 2015-2017.

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