The Birth of Lyngby International Club

SCL is proud to witness the birth of Lyngby International Club, a new community where internationals (spontaneously) organize events for themselves and others, forging relationships, share experiences and support each other to settle in Lyngby, Denmark.

With the number of internationals residing in Lyngby surpassing 7000 and continuing to rise, a response to this increasing demand has taken shape. Answering the call for a more supportive and inclusive environment, a new initiative has unfolded in the city – the Lyngby International Club (LIC). This project not only aspires to assist newcomers in navigating their initial years in Denmark,but also aims to provide a dynamic platform for community building and the organization of cultural events for both international and local citizens.

We take pride in introducing LIC, founded and operated by internationals themselves. Originating from casual potluck dinners, members gradually engaged more people to join the club. They share information through newsletters, have launched social media pages, and organize various monthly events. These events are family and children-friendly, fostering stronger connections among participants. LIC is expanding its reach to include diverse activities, ranging from potluck dinners, city walks, afternoon tea, to sports events.

Moreover, LIC is not just a club; it’s a lifestyle initiative. We aim to facilitate the seamless integration of international residents into the fabric of local life, offering opportunities to learn about Danish culture through enjoyable activities and fostering connections with the local community by participating in event organization and activity launches. The essence of LIC is community-driven, led by its members, which enhances its understanding of the needs of international citizens.

We extend a warm invitation to internationals in and around Lyngby to join us in building lasting connections, exchanging cultural experiences, and contributing to the fabric of our collective journey. The story of LIC is just beginning, and we invite you to be a part of this exciting chapter in Lyngby’s international community. Stay tuned for more events, friendships, and shared moments as LIC unfolds its vision for a truly inclusive and connected Lyngby.

Feel free to reach out via email:, or find more info on Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks to Eray Ulaş Bozkurt for the picture from a City Walk.

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