Science Festival in Lyngby

A collaboration between schools and businesses


The Danish Science Festival is a national festival in which schools, secondary schools, universities and private companies dedicate time and resources to focus on science. The festival takes place every year in September. Science City Lyngby’s Network for School and Education has initiated a broad and interdisciplinary collaboration dedicated to developing activities for the festival.


One of Science City Lyngby’s mission objectives is to promote collaboration across sectors between schools, private companies and research and educational institutions so Lyngby-Taarbæk can offer the best conditions for education within natural science. The national festival and its focus on science here plays an important role in achieving this.

The purpose of the Science Festival is to create new collaborations between schools and businesses in Lyngby and engaging experiences with science and technology for children and young adults. By experimenting with new teaching methods, topics and collaborations, the impact of the festival lasts beyond the month of September and provides educators, students and businesses with inspiration throughout the year.

The City of Knowledge is part of the national Science Festival. This is a natural extension of the work done by the Network for School and Education, which works to promote interest in technical and natural sciences among children and young adults.