Partnership with the Global Institute for Innovation Districts

Science City Lyngby has an ambitious strategy to develop a world-class ecosystem for innovation in our region. It is a complicated process that requires ongoing inspiration and exchange of experience with others who work towards the same goal.

In 2019, Science City Lyngby therefore entered a partnership with a global network of smaller regions from the US, Canada, Europe and Australia, whose common goal is to share knowledge and experiences about the development of innovation districts in specific geographies.

Innovation Districts around the world work to create growth, employment, and sustainable development together with knowledge institutions and companies as well as public actors to ensure a city and business development that attracts companies and talent as well as supports innovation.

Exchange of experience and development

Through monthly online workshops with participants from all over the world, we have taken part in an exchange of experience and development of the Innovation District approach itself. We have turned topics such as:

  • How to strengthen the work with startups?
  • How do you build critical mass in a (smaller) geographical area / district?
  • How do you attract and retain talent?
  • How can the district support social inclusion in, for example, a municipality?
  • And many more common challenges that especially smaller districts experience around the world.

The collaboration continues

The exchange of experience with the Global Institute for Innovation Districts and thus growing Innovation Districts from all over the world has been and still is a fruitful collaboration for Science City Lyngby in relation to achieving our strategic goals. Some of the main themes behind the development of an Innovation District are based on coherence, mobility, and knowledge exchange between sectors to strengthen the innovative power of a geographical area.


About Innovation Districts

Innovation districts are delimited geographical urban areas, where knowledge institutions and knowledge-intensive companies meet, share knowledge and work with entrepreneurs, incubators, investors, and public actors to promote innovation, creativity and commercialization of ideas and knowledge. Innovation Districts are at the same time areas that are both physically, socially, and digitally connected and have a great variety of both business, housing, and cultural and recreational offerings. (Source: ‘The Rise of Innovation Districts: A New Geography of Innovation in America’, White Paper, Brookings, 2014)


About the Global Institute for Innovation Districts

The Global Institute for Innovation Districts (GIID) is a not-for-profit global network of Innovation Districts established with the aim of identifying challenges and supporting strategic development in the participating districts. In addition, GIID is set in the world to communicate and share learning and experiences across districts.

Read more about GIID.

Graphic summary of the GIID Network Peer Session on Inclusive Innovation



Graphic summary of the GIID Network Peer Session on Investing in Startups



Participants in the GIID-network:

Cleveland Health-Tech Corridor, Cleveland, USA | Galway City Innovation District, Galway, Ireland | Grand Canal Innovation District, Dublin, Ireland Halifax Innovation District, Halifax, Canada | Liverpool Innovation Precinct, Liverpool, Australia MaRS Discovery District, Toronto, Canada | MIND – Milano Innovation District, Milan, Italy | Monash Technology Precinct, Melbourne, AustraliaDistritoTec, Monterrey, Mexico Technology Square, Atlanta, USA | Tonsley Innovation District, Adelaide, Australia uCity Square, Philadelphia, USA