Internet of Things

New IoT signal will contribute to the development of new smart products and solutions


Internet of Things (IoT) is a constantly evolving phenomenon, where many different devices are connected to the Internet to provide better services in areas such as transport, mobility, waste management, water supply and environment. In 2016 more than 7 billion IoT devices were connected to the Internet worldwide, and according to the OECD, Denmark is the country in the world, right after South Korea, with the most IoT devices in relation to population size.

IoT represents a completely new way of doing business, and the business potential of IoT will be growing rapidly over the next decades. Therefore, Lyngby is up front and has just, via the company IoT Denmark, achieved full coverage of a new IoT signal Sigfox that can make the city a test laboratory for new, intelligent IoT solutions


One vision for Lyngby-Taarbæk City of Knowledge is to turn Lyngby into a test laboratory for new, intelligent and sustainable urban solutions that can promote urban and industrial development and create a more cohesive city.

The coverage of Lyngby with the new Sigfox signal supports this vision and make it possible for companies, start-ups, research institutions and all other stakeholders to connect its devices to Sigfox network. With full coverage, it is also now possible to work on the development of new products and solutions for IoT – products and solutions that have the potential to make cities smarter and more efficient.

The first real use of the network in Lyngby is a project at Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality. It looks at how the use of the municipality’s operating cars can be optimized by mounting a sensor in each car to detect where, when and how far the cars are running.


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