International Hub Lyngby

Welcome to your home away from home! International Hub Lyngby (IHL) is a new initiative where we hope to provide helpful information to international talents and their families, arrange relevant activities, and offer a warm environment in which to meet.

Science City Lyngby is proud to announce that we will open the first International Citizens Hub in Lyngby in September 2022. The hub will collaborate closely with our members, including the Municipality of Lyngby, enabling more internationals in the region to benefit from the services provided.

IHL will arrange events to help you navigate your first years in Denmark. These events are not just informative, but also allow you to meet other internationals in a warm and friendly environment.

All current activities will be listed under “Events” and on our Facebook page. The goal is to offer activities, services and guidance for an easy adaptation into Danish society.

We continously try our best to adress the need and requests’ from the international community and have been involved in career events, mentor programs like Greater Copenhagen Career Program, Drop-in ThursdayLanguage Bar and participated in the annual Welcome September. In 2023, we will have a focus on the social aspect of being an expat and try help build a community through, among other things, City Walks and a Welcome Day.

If you live in the area of Greater Copenhagen then you can also visit International House Copenhagen, where you can receive help for registration services, events and career programs as a newcomer in Copenhagen.

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Quarterly Newsletter: Please sign up by sending an e-mail to Hamad and add a few words about your interests.

If you have questions concerning the events then get in touch with our program manager, Hamad S. Rovsing,, (+45) 2237 3910.

We hope to see you!