Greater Copenhagen Career Program

A mentoring program for international students in Denmark

Together with Relocare Group A/S and Nelleberg Potentialeudvikling, Science City Lyngby will from the autumn of 2020 and four years onwards be responsible for finding volunteer mentors for the Greater Copenhagen Career Program, which aims to retain international students in Denmark after graduation.

6 month mentor and networking program
The Greater Copenhagen Career Program consists of a 6-month mentoring and networking program for international students in Denmark, and includes both workshops on e.g. CV writing, use of LinkedIn and Danish corporate culture as well as an associated mentor part, where a volunteer mentor with the same professional background or personal match as the mentee guides and helps the student into the Danish labor market.

The program has been implemented with great success at the Copenhagen Business House over a number of years, and Science City Lyngby’s director, Marianna Lubanski, and partners are looking forward to be part of the project:

It is fantastic that Science City Lyngby once again have a mentoring program for international talent living in Denmark, and we will do our best to get as many international students as possible to start a career in Denmark.

We are looking for volunteer career mentors – both Danish and international
As part of the program, the partnership is looking for volunteer mentors who want to help a student on their way to the Danish labor market. As a mentor, you commit to an ongoing dialogue and contact with a mentee over a period of six months.
Relocare Group A/S and Nelleberg Potentialeudvikling are responsible for coaching and guiding all mentors throughout the course.
The first mentoring course starts in November 2020 and all mentees and mentors have been found. Third round starts in November 2021.

If you wish to participate as a mentor in a future Greater Copenhagen Career Program, you are very welcome to contact project manager Marianna Lubanski.

Important dates in 2022

  • Tuesday 29. March 2022 kl. 4.30-6.30pm: Kick-off and workshop
  • On-going: Individuel mentor-mentee meetings
  • Tuesday 7. June 2022 kl. 3-5pm: Follow-up meeting
  • Tuesday 13. September 2022 kl. 3-5pm: Follow-up meeting
  • November 2022: Closing reception

Science City Lyngby is focusing on attracting and retaining international knowledge workers, researchers and students via mentoring schemes and a wide range of other offers and activities. The mentor program is anchored in the Network for Internationalisation.