Mentors help international students get jobs

You have the opportunity to engage with international students and contribute with your knowledge, experience and passion. All while you get new perspectives and grow with the students.

International graduates are in demand. Businesses in Denmark need experts with specialist technical skills, international experience, and cultural understanding of foreign markets. The Greater Copenhagen Career Program aims at readying international students for careers in the many companies and organisations in Denmark looking for employees with global skills.

The Greater Copenhagen Career Program is a free-to-join 6-months career and mentoring programme for recently graduated international students or those enrolled on a full degree course based in Greater Copenhagen.

The next program period will run from October 2022 to May 2023 and you now have the possibility to become a mentor for an international student.

Having a Mentor really helps

Last year, 90 students from more than 30 countries were paired with a mentor who will listen, spar, advise and coach their mentees, so that they can be as well equipped for the job market as possible.

As a mentor, you get an opportunity to help and guide the next generation and contribute to preparing them for a labour market characterized by changes.

The program makes a difference as 3 out of 5 mentees land a job while the overall success rate is lower. Caterina Stifano, a mentee from Italy, found a job in Denmark after a succesfull partnership with her mentor: “What helped me the most was having a mentor that went through the same experiences, therefore could relate with my insecurities and doubts and knowing how to overcome them.

For the mentor, Marina Surdu from IO Interactive, being a mentor serves multiple purposes: “My mentees teach me how important it is to be grateful for your achievements, be it big or small. This program also helps IO Interactive show appreciation and gratitude to the international talent that has always been invaluable to our work.”

Become a Mentor

If you want to be a mentor in the next round of the Greater Copenhagen Career Program, you are very welcome to contact Malene Stausholm Perkins from Relocare Group at or Science City Lyngby.

Important dates

  • November 8 at 2-5: Online kick off and workshop
  • Ongoing: Individual mentor-mentee meetings
  • January 11 at 3-5: Mentor-mentee midterm meeting and update
  • March 21 at 3-5: Status meeting
  • May 2023: Closing reception

The Greater Copenhagen Career Program
The Greater Copenhagen Career Program consists of a 6-month mentoring and networking program for international students in Denmark, and includes both workshops on e.g. CV writing, use of LinkedIn and Danish corporate culture as well as an associated mentor part, where a volunteer mentor with the same professional background or personal match as the mentee guides and helps the student into the Danish labor market.

The GCCP is funded by Copenhagen Municipality and EU Social Funds. Organisations collaborating with the GCCP also included Copenhagen Capacity, Relocare, Perspectiv, Nelleberg Potentialeudvikling, Science City Lyngby, IDA, DM, DJØF and numerous educational institutions in Denmark.