Viden & Vin # 5: Science and Art

Viden & Vin at Aquaporin

The City of Knowledge is set with a new season of Viden & Vin (Knowledge & Wine).

Join us for the first of three VIden & Vin events this fall when AQUAPORIN on September 26. opens their doors for the public to their laboratory in Lyngby.

Aquaporin is the company behind the development of a ground-breaking method of purifying water that utilizes proteins – aquaporins – to purify water in the same way it does in nature. A technology that allows you to recycle liquids, which was tested by Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen when he was aboard the International Space Station (ISS) in 2015.

CEO Peter Holme Jensen will talk about Aquaporin’s development and objectives and take you on a tour of the company.

In addition to being a melting pot for technology and innovation, Aquaporin’s headquarters in Lyngby is also a place where science and art meet. Aquaporin houses PRIMER, a platform for artistic and organizational development. David Hilmer Rex from Primer will talk about the collaboration.

Each event takes a maximum of two hours between 17.00-19.00.

Price: 50 DKK (the event at Aquaporin will be in English)

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About Viden & Vin
The monthly event Viden & Vin (Knowledge & Wine) was created by the City of Knowledge’s network for communication. The idea behind the events is to invite citizens behind the scenes of the many companies and organizations in the municipality. The setup is simple; the hosting company presents new research, local business development or exciting discoveries while you enjoy a glass of wine.