Roundtable at High Tech Summit 2019

The City of Knowledge is participating with ‘A Nordic Roundtable’  at DTU High Tech Summit.

DTU host the successful High Tech Summit on October 30-31st and we are hosting a Nordic Roundtable with our Nordic partners.

Earlier this year, we established a Nordic Partnership with Oslo Science City, Stockholm Science City and Oulu Innovation Alliance together with our Danish sister organisations Copenhagen Science City, Frederiksberg Science City and Ørestad Innovation City Copenhagen.

All cities and organisations work to build world class university cities and innovation districts to support entrepreneurship.

At High Tech Summit we invite anyone interested to discuss how we can work closely together in triple helix partnerships locally, to support research, innovation and entrepreneurship and at the same time develop cities that offer housing, co-working spaces, labs, restaurants and cafes creating an environment, which attracts talent and companies to our locations.

Read about our methodology and visions here:

The City of Knowledge at High Tech Summit 2019

We look forward to seeing you at High Tech Summit!