Collaboration with Future by Lund supported by Interreg

The City of Knowledge in a partnership with Lund, Sweden

The project ‘Nordic Innovation District Development – NIDD’ was supported by the European Regional Development Fund ( Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak) to explore how we can develop a Nordic model for innovation districts in our geography that can support the successful growth of early start-ups.

We wish to understand which investments we need to make in our local environments that can ensure that the early start-ups stay in our respective environments / countries and grow their businesses from here. The Nordic countries and Europe are in sharp competition with the US and China when it comes to the future of technology development. With this project, we wish to understand how we can create some environments (so-called Innovation Districts) that can support the early and often young entrepreneurs’ creative urge and help ensure that future high-tech and knowledge-intensive jobs stay in our region for the benefit of our future exports, and thus welfare societies.

We will collect and share new knowledge and data about the early start-ups with the cities’ investors, and with the city / our municipalities’ internal stakeholders, who can thus use their management tools such as municipal and local planning tools optimally.
Finally, we wish to establish cooperation and dialogue between our triple helix partners in the region, so that the two municipalities (Lund and Lyngby-Taarbæk and eventually more) can get the necessary input and sparring on the development of cities that support modern knowledge production via knowledge, data, methodology papers, strategies and roadmaps.

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