FLIGHT Workshop on Financial Literacy

#FLIGHT aims to empower newcomers (women) to navigate their finances with confidence and achieve their full potential in their new home. The program also seeks to create a community where newcomers can connect with others who have similar experiences, share knowledge, and receive support.

In collaboration with We Are Entrepreneurs, we invite you to 3 workshops in June on financial literacy.

  • June 1: Banking in Denmark and Cyber Security
  • June 8: Tax Declaration
  • June 15: Personal Finances and Investment
  • June 22: Graduation Party (details will be communicated later on)

The program is funded by the EU and is free to join. All workshops will take place in Lyngby.

Read more about each workshop and how to sign-up here

Project #FLIGHT, Financial Literacy for Investment, Growth, Help and Teamwork, finds it vital developing digital finance skills of female expatriates for their better socio-economic inclusion into host communities, effective self-employment, financial independency as well as sustainable saving and investment patterns in Digital Age.