Masterclass Series II

Science City Lyngby puts spotlight on partnership models between corporates and startups.

Masterclass Series II

A number of masterclasses will in the future focus on the potential of partnerships which extend beyond a company’s own area of ​​responsibility.

Partnerships with a great potential

Science City Lyngby geographically covers an area with a lot of startups and tech companies, all of which need someone to support them during their growth journey. Therefore, there are also a wealth of offers for both startups and tech companies in the our area – presented by DTU Skylab, DTU Science Park, and Futurebox just to name a few.

But Science City Lyngby also consists of several large companies that want to contribute more actively to the ecosystem. Companies, who are increasingly looking for models to do so from less binding models to the more binding ones. Therefore, we have set out to investigate the various types of partnership models that exist, partly to expose fruitful partnerships and partly to inspire new collaborations and partnerships among Science City Lyngby’s member companies.

Masterclass Series II is a series of independent online webinars, produced by Science City Lyngby in collaboration with relevant partners:

Masterclass Series II #1:
Alfa Laval shared their experience of opening up a startup environment in their own premises.
‘Don’t go alone’ is the motto of the industrial company Alfa Laval in Søborg, which has created an innovation house in empty premises. For this first masterclass, you could learn how the collaboration with start-ups, local communities, and knowledge institutions has set sustainable innovation in motion. The masterclass was arranged together with DTU Skylab, DI – Danish Industry, Alfa Laval, Gladsaxe Municipality and Gladsaxe Business City.

Watch the masterclass #1 with Alfa Laval here:


Masterclass Series II # 2: Aquaporin Academy, Garage and Cowatech: Collaboration with students, startups or artists? – not just for big companies!
Aquaporin is a highly specialized, research-based water-tech company that produces membranes for water purification. The company has developed from being a startup in 2005 to a scale-up that today has approx. 70 employees in Denmark and Singapore. Since the beginning, it has been a part of the company’s DNA to collaborate with others from NASA in California to DTU, with students and other types of industries such as artists. The second masterclass in this series offer experiences of how, as a small company, you can easily benefit from the innovative power of others. Read more about Aquaporin Academy here.

Watch masterclass #2 with Aquaporin here:

Watch masterclass #2 with Cowatech here:

Watch masterclass #2 with DTU Science Park here:

About Masterclass Series II

Masterclass Series II is a series of masterclasses for corporates and startups that highlight the potential of entering partnerships that extend beyond one company’s area of ​​responsibility. The purpose is to illustrate some of the good examples we already have in Science City Lyngby and show how these partnerships contribute positively to the overall ecosystem.