TECH TALK#1: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligent in innovative applications and business solutions

As an exclusive offer to members of the City of Knowledge, Microsoft opens their doors to ‘Tech Talks’ on February 1st and February 2nd.

Tech Talk #1:

Sign up for a talk with Daniele Magazzeni, lecturer in Artificial Intelligence from King’s College London.

Magazzeni’s research explores the links between AI Planning and Verification, and the use of AI Planning in innovative applications. He will be talking about AI planning for Business Solutions, how planning is usually done by (teams of) humans and how AI can plan when the job needs to be done fast, frequently or is too complicated for humans. He will also offer an overview of some recent applications of AI Planning.

The talk is held in English

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Additional talk on February 2

A second tech talk will be held on February 2 on ‘Something Something Cyber’ by Troy Hunt, the Australian Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft MVP for Developer Security.