“How to survive Danish humour” – a talk

With the Holiday Season approaching incl. social gatherings and “julefrokoster” (Christmas Parties), you’ll soon learn that Danish humour is a big part of daily life in Denmark. Both in professional settings, in private spheres, and in the oddly undefined overlap between those two that Danes tend to enjoy.

Too often, we have heard stories of humour gone wrong. Misinterpretations, assumptions, and even conflicts can be the outcome of intercultural humour misunderstandings. The aim of this interactive talk is to raise awareness and gain insights into the world of Danish humour.

Professor Lita Lundquist and Kathy Borys Siddiqui will shed light on Danish humour, how to decode it, and hopefully enjoy it – holiday season or not!

Reserve your spot here – tickets are sold through FOF at 75 kr. p/p.

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