Green Talk – Your indoor climate matters

Science City Lyngby is part of “Research Day” on Tuesday 23 April – the event is in English

In Denmark, we spend an average of 80-90 percent of our time indoors, and we typically spend 13-16 hours a day and in our home. Therefore, it is important for our health and quality of life that the indoor climate is good.

A good indoor climate is about all the environmental factors that affect us when we are indoors – air, moisture, heat, light, smoke, and all the particles and chemical substances that are in our indoor environment. You can, to a greater or lesser extent, try to reduce those factors, e.g. with regular ventilation.

There is also a range of new and very promising technologies, such as advanced ventilation solutions, air filtration and air purification, which can help improve the indoor climate.

Get more knowledge about the good and healthy indoor climate at this event where Davide Calí, Senior Researcher at DTU Compute and Director of DTU spinout, Climify, will share his insights.

The event is free. Please register below.