Join us for an exciting conversation with Rob Adams on  green and thriving cities for people. 

With the number of people living within cities projected to rise to 5 billion people by 2030, it’s important that efficient urban planning and management practices are in place to deal with the challenges brought by urbanization.

With the City of Melbourne as case study, Rob Adams will share his views on how to urbanise in harmony with nature and create more liveable, people-oriented cities.

The latest IPCC report highlights the importance of integrated urban planning to reduce urban emissions that can be cut by around 25% with more compact, mixed-use and resource-efficient cities. It also placed a particular emphasis on the 15-minute City concept that promotes a model of polycentric cities made of multiple neighbourhoods where people can easily meet their daily needs, enjoy people-oriented public spaces, and adopt a healthier local lifestyle.

Rob Adams bio.

Rob Adams has over 46 years of experience as a practicing architect and urban designer and, since joining the City of Melbourne in 1985, has led the rejuvenation of central Melbourne. It’s as General Manager of Melbourne City Design that Rob has really put into play some of the earliest global urban design strategies. He has recieved multiple awards over the years, and is currently the City Architect and a Director of Adams Urban. Rob is also a long-time friend of fellow urban designer Jan Gehl – the Godfather of a whole new thinking about the design and development of cities.

The UIA World Congress of Architects  in Copenhagen 2023 is the world’s largest event on Sustainable Architecture. The World Congress is held every three years in different countries and will be hosted in 2023 for the first time in Copenhagen, Denmark.