Burst the bubble

Member event

We have invited Vincent F. Hendricks, Professor of Philosophy and leader of the ‘Center for Information and Bubble Studies’ at the University of Copenhagen to give a talk based on his book ‘Burst the Bubble’. He will provide an array of entertaining and thought-provoking examples of the function of bubbles and the consequences for the global society. The presentation will be held in Danish.


16.00: Arrival and refreshments at Vidensbyen
16:10: Welcome
16:15: Presentation: Burst the Bubble by Vincent F. Hendricks, Professor
17:00: Q&A

The presentation

The presentation is based on Vincent F. Hendrick’s latest book ‘Burst the Bubble’. The book focuses on the bubbles that appear in the financial industry like the recent real estate bubble in the Western world’s overheated market. Financial bubbles aren’t, however, the only thing that threatens our society. So do everything from online bubbles and status bubbles to news bubbles and political bubbles.

The presentation will be held in Danish.