The world’s greatest data set

‘Sensible DTU’ measures mobility

Sune Lehmann, Associate Professor at DTU Compute, guested an event for the members of the City of Knowledge on January 22, 2016. He gave an insightful presentation of the unique data on mobility, which can be extrapolated from mobile- and smartphones and is part of his research project ‘Sensible DTU’. The quotes below are from an enlightening article about the project in the DTU Magazine ‘Dynamo’, issue 42.

”At the moment we are using the latest mobile data from DTU to examine study behavior: how do the groups you are a part of affect your sleeping patterns, attendance, work ethics and grades. We haven’t been able to study that like this before.”

”One of the first great discoveries was how much we suddenly knew about traffic in Copenhagen and surrounding area. If you send 1,000 tiny sensors into circuit and measure the position of the phone ever 20 seconds 24/7, then you get a very precise image of the main traffic routes and people’s traffic habits. So now we are suddenly sitting on one of the world’s greatest data sets on mobility. Based on our data, new research projects on the design of transport systems are underway.”