Study Start

Study start in the City of Knowledge

The beginning of the academic year is just around the corner and the City of Knowledge is there to ensure a good start for the thousands of Danish and international students who come to the city.

There will be activities such as:

A welcome banner at Lyngby Station
Again this year the City of Knowledge has placed a welcome banner at Lyngby Station that welcomes Danish and international students to the city.

A Lyngby City Map
We have created a Lyngby City Map with support from BaseCamp Lyngby. The map is distributed to students in Lyngby and can be obtained at the Lyngby Library and Magasin Lyngby. The Lyngby City Map provides practical information on everything from public transport options to and from Lyngby, student discounts, urban and commercial life, cultural institutions and nature areas in Lyngby and the surrounding area.

A “Lyngby Day”
Together with Polyteknisk Forening (the student association) and Cphbusiness, we have arranged an intro day to Lyngby for new students. On Friday, September 27, we have an orientation run through the city, where students have the opportunity to be introduced to the city’s hotspots and each other. The day will end with a joint dinner at Cock’s and Cows or Luca. Stay tuned or sign up here.

Lyngby Deals
Lyngby Deals is an app developed by local newspaper Det Grønne Område together with Lyngby Trade Association. The app collects deals and discounts on restaurant, café or cinema visits. Download the app to your phone or visit