‘Smart City Hub’ challenges and inspires

Collaborations and projects across

In the end of October, the seventh ‘Smart City Hub’ were held at DTU Skylab – a hub capable of gathering a wide variety of participants across profession and age. At the seventh hub, a broadly composed group comprised of students, researchers and employees from DTU, as well as representatives from the municipality, consulting engineers, energy companies, IT companies and start-ups was participating. Candidate student at DTU, Fabio Barboni, has been participating in several Smart City Hubs, and he is excited:

“The Smart City Hub creates a connection between student and working life. For me as a student, the Smart City Hub is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with companies, representatives from the municipality and the university. It’s a nice and informal way to meet up with people sharing the same interests and it creates many good opportunities for finding new collaborations and solutions together”.

The mantra behind the hub is that everyone contributes with something – with data, ideas, skills, resources or tools. The hub is facilitated by experts and a relevant Smart City-theme such as supply, buildings, planning or mobility is discussed as a theme at each hub.

The next hub will take place on November 22, 2017 at 17:30 to 20:30 at DTU Library. The hub theme will be ‘Sensor technology, IoT and Digital Service’ and DTU Library, LED iBond and Siemens will all give a pitch.
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