Several international talents into jobs after career event

The International Career and Matchmaking Event, which the City of Knowledge held together with a number of partners in late October, was aiming to get more international candidates into jobs.

On the basis of prescreenings of all candidates prior the event, 180 candidates from a field of over 600 interested applicants were invited to attend the event where 12 companies with open job positions within engineering, IT, communication and business management participated.

During five shorter sessions, the candidates were given the opportunity to meet the companies with whom they were matched. The five sessions brought graduates and company employees closer together, which is also evidenced by the fact that eight of the international candidates have already entered a job in one of the participating companies, and that several candidates have been invited for job interviews after the career event.

It is central to the City of Knowledge to create an attractive city for national and international talents characterized by high quality of life. Moreover, it is essential to create jobs for the many international talents who come to Denmark to work or study at DTU, Cphbusiness and other universities in Greater Copenhagen.

The event was arranged and supported by: