New Network for Mobility

The ambition is to find solutions on mobility issues in Lyngby.

How do we get from A to B in an easy, safe way? How do we improve connectivity in Lyngby during the coming years’ construction period? These are some of the questions that the Network for Mobility will address over the coming years.

The first meeting in the new network will be held on September 18 with a wide representation from the City of Knowledge’s members. To lead the network, Chief Specialist Henrik Grell from COWI, is assigned. He has many years of experience of creating better mobility in cities.

“The network will suggest specific initiatives that contributes to easy and safe mobility for the city’s users. I look forward to working with the network and using each others experiences in order to find good mobility solutions in Lyngby”, says Henrik Grell.

The Network for Mobility has been created following the work on the City of Knowledge’s new strategy 2020-2025 which was decided at the General Assembly in April 2019. Mobility is one of the new strategic focus areas, and the network will be a forum where professionals and city stakeholders in the City of Knowledge can discuss and find solutions on future mobility issues.

Just like the other networks in the City of Knowledge, the network will meet four times a year. The ambition is to share knowledge and identify challenges at the network meetings, while task forces will work on specific projects between the meetings. The themes of the projects will vary, ranging from campaigns and shared city bikes to intelligent, digital solutions.

“We have experienced great support from our members. Virtually everyone we have asked sees a need for the network and has therefore chosen to participate. We have gathered much knowledge and many competences in the network, so we are sure the participants will contribute to more sustainable solutions on mobility challenges to the benefit of the entire city”, says Marianna Lubanski, CEO at the City of Knowledge.

Representatives from retail, the municipality, the utility, consulting engineering companies, researchers and students will participate in the network.

You can read more about the Network for Mobility here.