New logo for Science City Lyngby

New name, new logo
A new name requires a new logo. That is why Science City Lyngby has designed a brand new logo that illustrates our DNA in several ways; On one hand we are a part of an international association of Innovation Districts and on the other hand we are a strong local partnership.

Science City Lyngby’s Communication Network has worked closely with the secretariat to find both the right name and an associated logo. And we are happy with the result.

Designed by Dixen
Science City Lyngby’s new logo is made by Anne Mette Dixen from Dixen Design.

“For me, it was important to find a solution that with simple means could signal a strong logo. My thoughts revolved around the importance of being on the way towards new goals, on the way towards new knowledge, and on the way towards new networks. I have used lowercase letters to bring in the soft values. The logo itself is in grey and blue but must be complemented by a fresh yellow colour in the graphics.”