Lyngby is home to the first self-driving vehicle in Denmark

The first self-driving vehicle ‘Olli’ is currently being tested at DTU Lyngby Campus

The bus named ‘Olli’ is partially 3D printed and will be tested at DTU in Lyngby in the upcoming months. The amibition is to integrate the vehicle into the campus experience as well as provide students and researchers with access to the latest technology and data within autonomous mobility. The bus is operated by the Danish company ‘Autonomous Mobility‘, which is part of the Semler Group (importer of cars).

A central objective in the City of Knowledge strategy is to transform Lyngby-Taarbæk into a development and testlab for new, green and sustainable technologies. At the moment, the City of Knowledge is the only living lab for the future of transportation in Denmark.

Future expansion

‘Olli’ is currently being tested in a closed-off area at DTU Campus. When legislation for experiments with autonomous vehicles – hopefully – is approved during the course of summer, DTU and Autonomous Mobility will work hard to introduce ‘Olli’ as a means of transportation at campus for students, employees and visitors.

According to Peter Sorgenfrei, CEO at Autonomous Mobility, vehicles like ‘Olli’ will drive around in the surrounding areas in the future like a  ‘neighbourhood-friendly shuttle’. This could, for example, be in areas such as DTU Campus and near hospitals. Vehicles such as these will furthermore act as a solution for municipalities and large organizations transporting citizens and employees on a daily basis:

Peter Sorgenfrei states: ”Over time, we hope that Olli and other vehicles similar to Olli willl handle several transportation tasks for the public and private sector – and thereby act as shared, self-driving and sustainable ‘helpers’ during a busy everyday life. We will reduce traffic congestion, pollution and the number of accidents by introducing sustainable technology, which only focus on transporting people safely from point A to B.”

Photo: Mikal Schlosser/DTU