Food for Thought Seminar

Is the new normal a permanent state of emergency? Terror, pandemics, climate change happens with an increasing speed and challenge how we plan our cities, university campus, innovation districts and business districts. We need to define understandings, new criteria and models.

At the Food for Thought seminar leading researchers and practitioners offered their proposals on new models and criteria. Concepts like ‘the elastic city’, ‘democratic city’, ‘the small-tech city’, ‘a 4th Space / Multipurpose buildings’, and city design parameters like trust/distrust, fear/non-fear offer new ways of thinking to architects, city planners, investors, and researchers.

All speakers agreed that there is a need to rethink and develop new metaphors, models and concepts. We need to rethink which initiatives offer the best solutions to i.e. sustainability and health. The speakers offered a wide range of modes and concepts, and we look forward to continue the dialogue with our task force for Innovation District in Science City Lyngby,

Thank you to all participants following us online, and a huge thank you to the speakers: Deane Simpson/KADK, Tina Saaby/Gladsaxe Municipality, Jeff Risom/Gehl, Jacob Steen Møller/DTU Campus and Jorge Lobos/ARCH+H.R. for moderating together with us from DTU Skylab. 

If you wish to see the webinar you can watch it below. You can scroll back and forth as you wish. Enjoy!