150 new apartments on its way

 Two old hangars to be torn down in favor of 150 new apartments for youth and family housing

Two hangars are currently empty and deserted by the housing unit ‘Fortunen East’ in Lyngby, but during 2018 there will be great flourish of activity surrounding the two hangars. On Februar 1st, the representatives in Lyngby Housing Association have decided to tear down the hangars and instead build youth and family housing on the area. In selecting a project for the area, the housing association prioritized the added value and benefits for the surrounding tenants and harmonisation with the plans for the local area.

Kaj Eliasen, Chairman at Lyngby Housing Association elaborates:
The area is right next door to DTU, so there is no doubt in our minds that the housing will be very attractive for students. There is a great need for student housing, and Lyngby Housing Association is quite pleased to be able to realise the City of Knowledge vision to develop Lyngby as a vibrant university town. Furthermore, we will also have a building that follows the upcoming light rails’ arc, thus shielding tenants from noise in Fortunen East. The new building will of course be optimally insulated to reduce noise.”

A tentative draft of the project is considering approx. 150 in a 3-7 story building, divided into:

  • 100 student and youth apartments (approx. 45 m2)
  • 20 family apartments (up to 85 m2)
  • 30 apartments for tenants with a low liquidity (approx. 30 m2)

The housing project in Fortunen East is pending approval by the local planning committee, which is to be completed by the end of 2017. Hereafter it is expected that the first tenants will be able to move in during 2020.