Urban development

A vibrant university town


At the City of Knowledge and Urban Development, we are working to integrate education, research, business, housing, urban and commercial life in new and exciting ways to realise the vision of creating a vibrant university town and greater coherence between city, research, education, public and private initiatives.

Lyngby is one of the most attractive development areas in the Capital Region. All new projects share the City of Knowledge and Urban Development’s vision and objectives. One such project focuses on developing the area around the DTU campus with a unique ‘Innovation District’. Additional areas are also being further developed, mainly in central Lyngby.


Urban development in Lyngby aims to build bridges between sectors, business and educational institutions. The main objective is to make Lyngby-Taarbæk one of Europe’s leading university towns.


Our initiatives on commercial and urban development have so far contributed to the following:

This development has led to an increased number of knowledge-intensive jobs, new businesses and closer cooperation between private companies, public authorities and science/education – a development which goes hand in hand with the City of Knowledge 2020 strategy.

With the extensive development of the area around the DTU campus and the many exciting collaborations between the city and university, a unique ‘Innovation District’ adjacent to the university has been created. This close proximity to the university has, for example, played a role in the decision to build Novozymes’ new Innovation Campus centre in Lyngby. The many companies and business clusters around campus and in Lyngby build bridges across sectors and help to maintain DTU’s position as one of Europe’s leading technical universities.

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