Smart City Hub #5 – this time in Malmö!

Join the hub and develop new Smart City solutions

Smart City Hub #5 will take place on September 13th from 4.15-7 PM in connection to the conference Metropolis: by light in Malmö.

As a participant you will get free participation in the Smart City Hub, transport to and from Malmö, get in touch with an exciting network from Greater Copenhagen as well as free conference dinner in the evening.

There is a limited number of seats, and registration takes place according to the ‘first come first served’ principle.

Smart City Hub # 5 Program

  • Welcome and introduction to ‘Smart City Hub’ by facilitator Finn Kollerup
  • First Smart City pitch by TDC
  • First group session and ideageneration
  • Refreshments
  • Secon Smart City pitch by TDC
  • Second group session and idegeneration
  • Recap and networking time
  • Conference dinner

At the Smart City Hub # 5 TDC will present a current challenge that will be solved across participants. The hub will be facilitated by Finn Kollerup.

About Smart City Hub

‘Smart City Hub’ is a physical platform that creates collaboration, meetings and solutions across students, businesses, researchers and municipalities, all working with urban development, data and soft-hardware on a technical and/or at business level. In each hub a relevant Smart City theme and challenge is presented by a company or an organization, e.g. supply, buildings, energy, data. planning and mobility.

Since February 2017, twelve Smart City Hubs have been held and not two hubs have been the same. Theme, pitcher and participants have been different from time to time, and this has helped the hub to remain dynamic and shaped by its participants. Based on the hub arrangements with changing themes and pitchers, several new collaborations, concepts and projects have emerged, and participants have expressed great enthusiasm for the hub concept.

‘Smart City Hub’ is a collaboration between The City of Knowledge (Vidensby) and DTU. Since January 2018 ‘Smart City Hub’ has been financed by Lighting Metropolis.

Invitation and more detailed program with pitcher and theme will follow, but sign up for the event already to be sure to get a seat.